Do you have old bicycles or parts cluttering up your shed or garage? Have you recently replaced your bicycle or outgrown it? Would you like your old bicycles to be recycled?

If the answer is yes, Ontario Cycle may be able to help. We collect unwanted bicycles, and recycle them. We strip them down to parts, evaluate and renovate if necessary, but most importantly, we keep bikes out of the landfill. Please contact us if you would like Ontario Cycle to recycle your unwanted bicycles.

How do I donate a bike to Ontario Cycle?

Donating a bike is easy, we are no longer able to pick up for free a $15 charge for a pick up is required in the Perth, Huron, North Wellington and Region of Waterloo - drop off at the store is always an option.

We promote keeping bicycles out of landfill.

Bicycles by their nature are very difficult to recycle as they have different grades and types of metal used in their construction. They also have rubber tires and inner tubes. the contact points can be made from various different types of plastics. The whole thing is a headache for the recycling centres so they tend to throw them into general waste (or land fill as it is better known). We take the bike and strip it down. We are yet to come across the bike that doesn't have some salvageable parts. We clean and service the parts and restore them to their former condition.

What about a trade in?

We offer a trade in service. We would need to see the bicycle you would like to trade in first to give you a trade in value. Please contact us regarding trading in.

Do you send my donation to the third world?

While we agree with the concept of sending unwanted bicycles to the third world, there are many charity's that do this already. Our concern is that when a bicycle breaks down in the third world, there is invariably less likely-hood of it being fixed, or indeed recycled. We are determined to keep bikes and parts out of landfill, here in Ontario. Sending bikes overseas can mean that bikes end up in a foreign landfill, and the carbon footprint that comes from shipping bikes is something that Ontario Cycle wouldn't want to contribute too. If you have a bike you would like to keep out of the landfill please contact us

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