We pickup & deliver within a 50km radius of Listowel or Waterloo - check with us to see when we are in your area. ($15 fee for Pick & Delivery)


The Basic - $59.99 + HST - Book my bike in

During the 15 point basic tune up we will :

  • Check headset
  • Check wheel bearings
  • Check brake pads
  • Check condition of tires
  • Check rim and spokes
  • Check wheel truing (if needed $10 per wheel Min. extra)
  • Check crank axle and bearings
  • Check tire pressure and adjust
  • Check all bolts and adjust
  • Check chain and lubricate
  • Check pedals
  • Check front derailleur
  • Check brakes and adjust
  • Check rear derailleur
  • Check all cables and adjust

This tune up does not include installation of new parts. If you need new parts installed we would suggest the Full tune up which does include the labour cost of installing the new parts.


The Full - $79.99 + HST - Book my bike in

During the full tune up you get the 15 point Basic service plus we will remove the wheels from the bike, true the wheels, lightly clean the drive train and bicycle and thoroughly inspect the frame for wear and tear. This tune-up also includes a thorough safety check of your bike, inflation of the tires and lubrication of the chain.

This tune up includes installation of new parts.


The Works - $169.99 + HST - Book my bike in

The Works is designed to get your bike back to how it was when you bought it. This service package is the perfect off season package to get your bike ready for storage, prepped for trainer season or simply to give it the love it deserves after a long spring and summer.

  • Disassemble entire bike
  • Lubricate headset
  • Lubricate crank axle (where applicable)
  • Lubricate kickstand
  • Lubricate wheel bearings
  • True wheels
  • Clean, adjust and lubricate rear derailleur
  • Clean, adjust and lubricate front derailleur
  • Lubricate v-brake posts (Cantilever and v-brakes)
  • Check brake fluid level and adjust (hydraulic brake systems)
  • Remove and lubricate seat-post
  • Check seat and adjust
  • Replace reflectors (as required)
  • Remove and clean cassette/freewheel
  • Check lighting system (if equipped)
  • Check computer (if equipped)

The bike will then be put back together and it will undergo a Basic Tune-up.

This tune up includes installation of new parts.

Warning: You might not recognize your bike it will be so clean and it will run so well.