Free Lifetime Warranty Adjustments

The Lifetime Warranty Adjustment is offered at no additional charge to our customers purchasing a new bicycle from Waterloo Bike Shop. The program covers all labour costs of normal gear and brake adjustments to keep the bicycle running for as long as the original owner has the bicycle, it is not transferable.

To keep the program in effect the bicycle must come back to us at least once a season for service. With notification, your bike may be done as you wait if done between November and March, if done during our peak season, April to October regular service rates will apply.

Lifetime adjustments do not include installation of any parts, including tubes, cables or brake pads, nor does it include overhauling any part, taking it apart, cleaning it, re-lubing it or repacking it, regular charges apply.

What is covered:

  • Adjustments to brakes and brake levers.
  • Adjustments shift levers and derailleur’s
  • Inspection of wheels and tires
  • Lubrication of drive train
  • Done on a relatively clean bike

What is not covered:

  • Labour required repair damages to bike, because of an accident, negligence and/or abuse.
  • Major wheel truing and spoke replacement caused by abuse, negligence and/or accidental damage
  • Disc brake overhaul and bleed
  • Fork, shock and dropper post rebuilds

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